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spray foam loft insulation Edinburgh
Before Spray Foam Loft Insulation Edinburgh
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Spray Foam Insulation Application


Spray Foam Scotland install Isothane Spray Foam Insulation.  Their insulation product was created in United Kingdom over 30 years ago and is now one of the leading spray foam insulation products manufactured in the UK. 

Our team of spray foam insulation installers can cater for almost any type of insulation, loft, underfloor, roof and walls for domestic homeowners and various types of insulation required for commercial properties.

We have solid reputation in Scotland and have received hundreds of positive reviews from happy homeowners, click here to see some of our customer feedback.

Isothane spray foam insulation has all of the required  KIWA BDA certificates. Our companies owners are partnered with Isothane as well as being approved installers.

Spray Foam Scotland are BBA, STROMATRUSTMARK, KIWA BDA and NIA accredited. 

To arrange a free, no obligation home insulation survey please call or complete our short contact form.

How Spray Foam Insulation Works

Spray foam insulation is now widely recognised as the leading insulation solution across the world.

The market in Scotland has been a little late to react, however, with lots of dated fibreglass and wool products still being used, there are now dozens of reputable installers in Scotland applying the product. The hassle free, smooth installation and the superior heat retention and overall air tightness simply can’t be matched by inferior wool, fibreglass and other dated insulation products.

The most popular type of Isothane spray foam is the open cell which is breathable and effectively reduces condensation and damp.

Due to spray foams expanding properties we can easily apply it in hard to reach areas of your home that would simply not be possible to reach otherwise.

Our approved spray foam installers will explain things in detail during your installation.

Free No Obligation Quote

"A company representative, Cameron, visited my property to discuss installing expanding foam in the loft area. He took a video in the loft and pointed out the parts where moisture damage has already occurred. During the visit Cameron explained how the product worked and also the benefits of the foam. He was very pleasant and did not pressure me in any way to purchase the product. He should be on a commission for every customer that he signs up!!! The installers arrived a couple of days later to carry out the work agreed and simply moved on with the task in hand. They were quick, efficient and tidy."
best spray foam insulation Scotland
Pauline Bowen, Edinburgh
5* TrustPilot Review, May 2021
best spray foam insulation Scotland
"Friendly, helpful staff and quick installation of spray foam insulation. Done and dusted within 24 hours."
best spray foam insulation Scotland
David Hannigan, Aberdeen
5* TrustPilot Review, April 2021
"The company sent a representative to carry out a survey in my loft area at a time which suited me. She arrived at the specified time, wore a mask and kept to government guidelines on social distancing. She explained her role in the process very succinctly then started her survey. When she was finished she explained her findings , showing me photographs and talking through the implications of each issue. She was very passionate about the quality and worth of the product and a date was agreed for installation. I found her to be helpful and efficient. The men who carried out the work were also respectful of Covid guidelines and I was more than happy with the end product. They cleaned up any stray pieces of debris when they had finished - for which I was truly grateful."
best spray foam insulation Scotland
Sharon Laird, Fife
5* TrustPilot Review, April 2021

Types Of Spray Foam Insulation

Isothane’s product range of spray foam insulation has been designed for maximum efficiency, optimum heat retention and performance, yet it’s still extremely affordable. The two most popular types of Isothane spray foam insulation are; open cell and closed cell, both have their own functions and it really comes down to your property and needs which one is the best choice.

Open cell and close cell spray foam can be installed separately or compliment one another main depending on the project.

Spray Foam Scotland’s surveyors will advise you what is best for optimum insulation benefits for your home or commercial property.

If you have move questions about Open Cell and Closed Cell, it’s best to call us to discuss further.

Our Spray Foam Insulation Services

Spray Foam Loft Insulation Scotland

Why Spray Foam Insulation

Cost saving

Due to the nature of Icynene products, the foam, once applied, creates an air seal within a property, helping to prevent heat loss. This will reduce the amount of heat needed to fill the building, in turn saving money year after year.

More Affordable

Lower carbon footprint

As Icynene helps to reduce heat loss from a property, much less energy is needed to help keep a comfortable temperature throughout, thereby reducing a property’s carbon footprint on the environment.

Better For Environment

No draughts

Air leakage can be responsible for up to half of a property’s energy loss. The air seal created by applying Icynene to the internal structure of a building means no gaps exist from which a draught can appear; this helps maintain a more consistent internal temperature, minimises heat loss and reduces waste, creating an efficient and comfortable living or working space.

Zero Gaps

Healthier environment

Airborne pollutants, including dirt and dust, are often the trigger of allergies and can contribute to lower air quality. Icynene will help to shield a property from such aggravators, as the foam will expand to create an internal seal, improving the quality of the air in the property, helping to alleviate common causes of irritation.

Cleaner, More Hygienic

Reduced noise

Icynene products deliver high levels of sound insulation from inside and outside a property by virtually eliminating airborne sounds such as music, telephones, conversations and all mid to high range frequency noise.

It is especially effective for those properties situated on a busy road to help eliminate traffic noise, and can make huge positive differences to living spaces prone to external noise.

Less Noise

Protection from damp, mould and pests

Icynene open cell spray foam is engineered in such a way that it does not retain water; instead it allows water vapour to diffuse through the insulation and dissipate from the building’s envelope, keeping out moisture from the internal structure which is a big cause of damp and mould. It is also breathable, which helps to prevent condensation.

It also helps to deter pests such as mice, rats, termites, mites from entering a property, as once the product solidifies, these pests will find it difficult to gain entry or make nests.

Prevention Of Mould and Damp

Speed and accuracy of installation

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation offer a variety of products for different applications, depending on the project’s needs. Each has their own unique characteristics, but can all be installed quickly and effectively, more so than traditional insulation methods, meaning minimum downtime for any business.

Quick, Easy Installation

25 year manufacturer’s warranty

Green Horizon Energy Solutions is one of only a handful of fully accredited, official contractors of Icynene in the UK, meaning all of our technicians are fully licensed installers. As such, we are able to offer as standard a 25 year warranty on the product for all installs.

Long Term Warranty

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